Glacial Energy is active in over sixteen markets all over the United States

Posted by Admin - February 27th, 2013

Residential enrollment is a new thing for Glacial Energy, but they are already offering high quality deals to any customers who are willing to make the switch to Glacial Energy. This offer is being extended to residential consumers in honor of America’s veterans of the armed services. Glacial Energy is active in over sixteen markets all over the United States, in some of the most important energy-consuming states in the country. Right now, though, the deal being offered is that residential customers in Ohio, Michigan, and New Hampshire can obtain significant discounts. This offer is not permanent, though, it expires on February 28th, 2013, so would-be residential customers will have to make the switch quickly.

Glacial Energy offers both natural gas and energy services

Posted by Admin - January 9th, 2013

Having options is important to a consumer, as well it should be. Glacial Energy is a company that seeks to provide those options to their consumers wherever they possibly can. They offer services in some of the largest deregulated markets in the country, ranging from Michigan and Texas to California and New York, with many other markets in-between. Glacial Energy offers both natural gas and energy services in those markets where competition is allowed. They have been successful because they depend upon strong customer services to keep client retention rates high, as well as reasonable prices.

Glacial Energy Does its Best

Posted by Admin - May 25th, 2012

A system in which one company is handed a monopoly is a bad one, most people can agree. So why is it that some people rail against the deregulation of the natural gas or energy industries in many markets in the United States? Essentially, a company or government agency is being granted a local monopoly in which they will face absolutely no competition. If this seems like a logical inconsistency, that’s because it is.

Glacial Energy is one company that does not accept these local monopolies as being good for, or representative of, energy consumers. Glacial Energy does its best to offer the highest quality energy services around. If they see that their services are not the best, they would strive to surpass that competitor and once again become the top quality provider of energy services in that market. Glacial Energy also offers a Green Energy program and a system for donating earnings to a charity of the customers choosing—at no additional expense to them.

Glacial Energy is the type of company that customers flock to because they are known for their high quality services, while keeping prices low. This encourages people to try them out and soon they find that Glacial Energy is a much better deal than the public utility company, or any other alternative.

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